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Go Mobile – Go Global

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Small business enterprise struggles on multiple front to keep its position firm in market. From finances to perks, they literally squeeze sweat out of the business to maintain it in initial years of establishment. Now when one is already juggling, establishing itself globally comes as a mountainous challenge. With a global talent marketplace, prioritizing millennial workforce, mobile is the last yet latest stem that can keep you from drowning. To be blunt, those days aren’t far where soon 9 to 6 job hours are going to be outdated. Millennials aren’t going to work in any confined environment and you my friend won’t have a choice, because they have exactly the skills, you need to expand your business.

Go Mobile - Go Global

Well the below statistics are screaming lungs out, as in why you need to go mobile.

Among mobile technologies, the last 2014 AT&T-SBE Council Small Business Technology Poll** found that smartphones are saving business owners the most time (1.24 billion hours) and money ($32.3 billion) annually. Tablets (saving 754.2 million hours and $19.6 billion a year) and mobile apps (saving 599.5 million hours and $15.6 billion a year) are also providing small businesses with more time.

There are few reasons why mobility is crucial for small business

  • First and foremost accept the fact that internet has not just brought us closer but it has messed up something called “Work culture”. If you ask any millennial today the concept of ideal workplace, you might hear this “Free Wi-Fi, tons of beers and a laptop”. Work from home for multiple companies helps them earn better than sitting on a chair, prisoned in white walls while their bosses constantly monitoring them. This Gen believes and knows how to balance work and life. Their priority is opportunity and remote work, flexibility.
  • With mobile solutions, skilled professionals can be wherever they are and yet work for you. Moreover even you can access best thinkers of your need. No more arranging competitions in town and wasting time and resources. This online talent outsourcing can help you get the best for your business.
  • Now the icing on cake is such small workplace opens door to more initiatives and allows young professionals to grow in a certain way, unlike large business enterprises. Small Business Enterprise has advantage of space and freedom which always leads to innovation and creativity. Small business is preferred more for having sense of community, a definite purpose and above all – a Voice.
  • Also if you are smart enough to see the shift, you must have noticed how freelancing has rose above the sea level (Full time). This is the biggest advantage for your small businesses. You have the flexibility to add a skilled professional without adhering to their long term demands.

Going mobile helps you get best people from all over the world in no time maintaining your budget. However; for any size of enterprise going global from local isn’t easy but a small enterprise can definitely beat large enterprise if they adhere to aforementioned facts.

About the Author:

Chirag Shivalker
Chirag Shivalker is one of the very few business writers with flair of social commentary through his technical writing. With A decade long experience in technology writing and trend analysis Chirag is an expert in technology and technological trends along with business writing. Technology in mind and words at will Chirag is an all-rounder who has established his writing capabilities’ in multiple technology disciplines.

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